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"Ryman in SJ"
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Leppardx ryan_dl
So news today is Niemi has been signed for 4 years. All in all I do like that they have signed him, but 3.8 million isn't sitting right with me yet. I would have prefered to see him signed for 3.8 for 2 years or 4 years for something closer to 3 million per year.

Niemi has gotten hot since the all star break and the team feels like its back on track, Niemi is a huge part of this. Is Niemis play worth this contract yet? I think we needed to see more before this contract was made.

This does take a good chunk of cap space. Personally I have hoped someone would want Heatly and take that 7+ million off our books. Heatly is a good player but he isn't not worth the money we are paying for him.

Where do you think cap space relief will come from in the next few seasons?
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March 1, 2011 8:30 PM ET | Delete
Seems it's a bit of a gamble. This move may make DW look brilliant or lead to just another bullet point in Garner's next "moves that lead to the demise of the Sharks" blog.Myself, I like it, right now at least. I really hope that Niemi can have another outstanding playoff run. I feel more confident with the idea of him in the net (IN THE PLAYOFFS), than Nabby. We'll see though...a lot of things need to come together to win the cup.
March 2, 2011 5:04 PM ET | Delete
He's a hot or cold goalie who fortunately for Sharks fans saves his hot streaks for big games. Only thing I question are those dollars vs. $2.25 mil per for Howard and probably a little less for Crawford. In the end, all the teams have the same cap, and those are good goalies (and both a little more consistent than Antti) too.
March 4, 2011 9:32 PM ET | Delete
Well I agree it is a bit of a gamble. My confidence in Niemi is growing game by game, however I think his price is still too high. I am very disappointed in both of the Hockeybuzz sharks bloggers not saying a PEEP about this signing. Good or bad something should be posted on it and something should be said about the 8 game win streak.
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