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"Ryman in SJ"
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Leppardx ryan_dl
A well deserved 2 game suspension for Heatley for an elbow to Otts head last night. This is one of the dumbest things I have seen Heatley do. There was very little need to throw this elbow (I am a fan of anyone who smacks Ott around but not like this). Overall I do wish some team would give the Sharks a real nice offer for Heatley, he is a good player but nowhere worth the salary he takes. One thing about last nights game, I do think Langenbrunner should have some sort of suspension also, clear hit the back with Wallin's head going right into the boards. If the NHL is trying to get serious with these hits that cause injuries to the head here are 2 examples from each team that need to be addressed. Heatleys may have been more blatant but both deserved the attention of the league.

The Sharks had 2 shoot out losses and one major butt whooping loss. That skid had me a little nervous picking up only 2 points out of 6 isn't going to keep us in the upper half of the western conference. It’s a tight race and the difference of a couple points makes a huge difference. Previous to these last 4 games the Sharks were really impressive and finding ways to win in games they would previously have folded on. The style of play is exactly what the Sharks need to do in the play offs in order to go deep.

Niemi is still not the goalie I think he should be, his play has majorly improved in the 2nd half of the season but there are still some holes like going down really early. If all our Dmen are healthy and playing strong Niemi will be great for the playoffs, if our Dmen are injured and not up to par we are going to see an early exit.
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Yeah, the Langenbrunner hit was just as suspension worthy as, if not more than, the Heatley hit. Heatley did deserve a suspension, about 2-3 games, and Langenbrunner deserved at least that. That said, thanks for writing an article!
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Sorry but Heatley deserved more that was only a level below what Tie domi did to Niedermayer all those years ago. Guy away from the play getting elbowed right in the dome. Was a blatent attempt to injure a player and how he got a game less then volchenkov is beyond me. guess thats what happen when your a golden boy from canada in this league.
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^Dumb comment
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