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"Ryman in SJ"
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Leppardx ryan_dl
So its been a while since I have writen a blog here, so for those one or two people that read it I appologize.

So after a disapponiting season many Sharks fans felt its time to really shake things up. So far that shake up has been a letter from the ownership saying that the season was unacceptable but Wilson is safe. Next we saw that head coach Todd McLellan was safe but the assistant coaches might change. We have yet to see or really hear of what players are safe (if any).

I'm a bit frustrated as I feel a major part of the issues with the Sharks is Wilson and Mclellan right now. Wilson has had some good trades but most of the trades were ones that didn't make a strong improvment. Mclellan didn't adjust to help the team play to the potential of the players. The PK and PP were horrible compared to our previous seasons, some of this I think is coaching and sme of this is your best PK needs to be your goal tender.

The Sharks used to be a team that scored. What happened?!?! In my eyes the offensive side had to slow down and stay back a little to help cover for defensive weakness. The weakness used to be covered by Nabby, but we don't have someone that can come close to filling the shoes Nabby left behind. I won't say Niemi is a horrible goal tender, but he isn't great. Neimi needs strong stay at home defencemen and that is something the Sharks don't possess. Niemi isn't the type of goalie that will steal wins for you, he can keep you in games but thats about it.

So on the offensive side. I fear I will sound like I am making an excuse and trying to defend Patty, and I'm not intending to. Pattys best weapon was his speed, and he still has great speed, what he doesn't have are others that will keep up with him on the same line. Both Joe's I think are great players but they are not fast. Mitchell has some good speed but his performance doesn't get him up on the first or second line. Havlat has good speed and can finish when he isn't broken. I would have hoped to see Patty center Havlat and someone we gotta pick up that has the speed to keep up and finish to be a scoring threat. I think that is what Patty needs to be successfull.

Jumbo Joe needs someone who is going to get in front of the net and stay there with great hands, at times this was Clowe, and other times Havlat. Joes play has gone down a bit over the years but I would say he is still a good player.

The Sharks in general are missing something. An identitdy! At one time we were the youngest team, another one of the fastest, another one of the biggest. This season we were not noted for anything but underperforming. From the looks of it the blame is on the players and as they have announced the coach and GM are safe I would expect to see a new first line next season. I hope we don't get a big name from a team that hasn't done well (Like Nash). We need to find younger talnet to bring and and stop bringing in the Blakes, and Handzus types that are in the twighlight of their career.

So who's head do you think should roll?
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May 23, 2012 6:17 PM ET | Delete
jumbo joe is a solid number one center.... but for how much longer. i think its time to move him. Marleau can also be dealt.... tired of him too lol. i never liked the idea of letting nabby go, he brings a different feel for this team in the back end. I like the addition of Burns on the back end, Boyle didnt look like he has in the past and it might be time to send him on his way as well.... well try. might be hard to move jumbo, Marleau and boyle
May 24, 2012 1:50 AM ET | Delete
After 21 years , this will be the first season i didnt renew my season tickets . I was so sure they didnt have it ,that I declined the Playoff tix invoice . My thought they need a new style of coach ,something different than the Red Wings style . Were not the Red Wings ! I will be happilly following the Sharks on Directv .
May 24, 2012 4:48 PM ET | Delete
@Sharksfan68 I 100% agree with you on this and when they said T-mac is staying, they MUST blow up the roster. If they don't we will have another season of "ho hum at least we are still better off than the leafs" [email protected] I also cringed when Nabby left but Nabby wanted way more than he was probablly really worth. Who do you think the Sharks could get to be in net that would be able to fill the Nabby shoes that are left unfilled so far?
May 24, 2012 7:57 PM ET | Delete
definitely not who we have.... with price looking like he is going to get a huge pay increase i wld write him off. Rask is a RFA but wld also be very expensive but worth it. i really like the look of pavelec from the jets, lower on the wallet then the other two stars who are set to be RFA and can still play some amazing hockey. not the best numbers but i think with the team in front of him as a shark he wld put up nabbyish numbers.
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