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"Ryman in SJ"
San Jose, CA • United States • 37 Years Old • Male
Leppardx ryan_dl
Well what can I say about last nights game. We moved our 10 pack seats from 208 and are now in 213, I miss 208. Shelly and Parros fight had a great end. It lead into a converstation with a buddy of mine that loves UFC, the short of that converstion is, they should give points if they can get another player to 'tap out' with submission holds. So on the more serious side, knowing this is just preseason, I enjoyed watching the aggression and pace of the game. Many times there were 2 checkers and everyone was moving most all the time. I wasn't a huge fan of the power play, this was one of the few things that they were not moving around very often. So ultimatly I have to say I really enjoyed the pace of play. I hope the pace of the game is due to the coaching more than all the young players flying all over the place. Things that really caught my eye were Mike Moore, Boyle, Alexi Semenov, and that really good looking woman 4 rows down.

Mike Moore was able to fire the puck on net and it paid off.

Dan Boyle...well he could move that puck quickly and I am glad he is on the Sharks

Alexi Semenov acctually scored a goal and wasn't so much of a road cone.

Woman 4 rows down, to put it simply one hot lady who wouldn't get yelled at if she leaned forward and blocked the view of the game.
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