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"Ryman in SJ"
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Opening night

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I got to the tank about 7:10 and the energy in the building felt good. I was a little worried when the shark head did not come down for them to skate out of. I was a little worried that it could have been a bad omen. The into of the game was awesome, the graphics off the ice were mind blowing. I really liked watching the Pacific Division Champion banner show up on the ice and slide over to the end, just to look up and see the new banner being rolled out. I am really happy they didn't put that orange boarder on the banner.

The game pace was nice, it was awesome to see them force the ducks to take that many penaltys. I lost count and havn't looked it up but it had to be in the range of 6 to 8 of them. The power play scored 2 times, and that is nice to see. So 25% or so on the PP is a big thumbs up. One thing I really liked to see were plays were being kept alive. There was not nearly the same ammount of dumping with minimal chase. Cheechoo was in front of the net often and it payed off with 2 goals. Eirhoff's shots were much lower and on target and this paid off with a goal. Patty was husseling and working hard most of the game and fed Setoguchi an ugly pass when the gooch spun it around and fired it in the net.

The new guys: Blake was awesome and so was Boyle.

The only low points of the game was the guy that spilled beer on my shoes coupled with finding a whole bunch of peanut shells on my back from the ducks fan sitting behind me.

Overall I think this season will be more exciting than most of last season. I have a 10 pack and pickup a few other games here and there, after the games I'll try to post my thoughts.
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