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I wrote this blog in the beginning of this year, and I got bashed for it.It turns out I was right on almost everything.Please read this ,and let me know how wrong or right I was.

08 should be a piece of cake for wings...until the playoffs.
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The season of '08 is looking great for the Wings as of now.Last year the wings came tied for first with Buffalo{Buffalo had more wins} in points and the only division mate who even contended with them was the predators.I mean, lets face it Chicago, the hawks are not good and the same goes for the Jackets.The blues are really on the right track but at most they'll contend for a playoff spot, especially with the new signings of Kariya and Tkatchuk.Now lets get back to the once contending Predators.they have got major ownership problems, and after 9 years of building the team up to a contender they throw alot of it away.Let us list who they've lost.In goal they lost all star Tomas Vokoun leaving a good yet unproven goalie in net in Chris Mason.On defense they lost Timonen and Vishnevski their numbers 1 and 3 defenseman leaving only Zidlicky to fend{no pun intended} for himself.Up front, they lost superstars Forsberg and Kariya{although losing Forsberg was probably smart} they lost their captain in Scott Hartnell and 2 core players in Upshall and Parent.
The red wings are basically the same team as last year give or take{unless ''The Dominator'' turns out to be a real bust}.Plus, the way the schedule works that each team plays everyone in their division 8 times will hopefully mean a lot of points for my beloved wings.
So their season is{hopefully}set and their playoffs depend on Wings GM, Ken Holland {who was rated by all other GMs,the best GM in the league}.He needs to, come trade deadline make a big deal for a ''rent a player'' to make it through the big guns in the west i.e.sharks,ducks,and ultimately to LORD STANLEY'S CUP.
After all is said we'll see what happens.
GO WINGS!!!!!!!!

A list of the things i was wrong on.

1.Most of my comments on the blues.
2.Vishnevski being the number 3 D-man.
3.Parent being a core payer.
4.The wings needing a ''rent a player.''

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