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Before I start, let me just say that last night I was so starved for hockey, I watched The Mighty Ducks Two. For all of you movie buffs out there, its definitely not better the second time around. Emilio Estevez's struggle with fame and sponsorships was not a gripping tale. You're coaching pee wee hockey, not the real TEAM USA! How fake can a movie get when their nemesis is the Iceland National Team?

That being said, what's wrong with the Chicago Blackhawks? I'm going to put my two cents in here, but I'd really like to hear what everyone else thinks. This was a once proud franchise that has not been the same since they replaced Jeremy Roenick with Alexei Zhamnov. How many coaches and GMs can you fire and hire before you realize the real reason this franchise is in disarray is their ownership. The Wirtz family which owns the Blackhawks have done a lot for the game there is no doubt about that, but after 40 years at the helm, maybe President William Wirtz should know enough to realize that the game is past him. How else can you explain bust after bust at the GM position, coaching and players?

We're entering year three in the Dale Tallon era as General Manager. Will he fare better than Mike Smith, who knows? But he fell into the same trend Smith did, hiring former Blackhawks to coach the team. That's not saying Denis Savard is a bad coach, but he was hired to bring more offensive creativity to the club. What was he doing for the offensive creativity while he was an assistant under Alpo Suhonen, Trent Yawney and Lorne Molleken. Where was the offensive creativity last season when just two players scored 20 goals or more (Sharp, 20 and Havlat 25). If you're reading this and saying: "It's the players, maybe they're not good enough." Well doesn't that fall on the hands of Tallon who put together a bad team?

It's really attractive to hire someone like Savard to lead your team. He immediately takes pressure off the organization because if you are a diehard Blackhawks fan, how can you hate Savard as your coach? But was he really the right fit for this team? What good is it having a coach with offensive creativity when you don't have goal scorers? My feeling here is that maybe Wirtz influenced the hires of sentimental favorites like Dirk Graham and Trent Yawney and even Tallon just because they played in Chicago.

So far this off-season the Blackhawks went out and overspent for an aging center in Robert Lang. Is he really the answer? Is that the best the Blackhawks can do? Something better happen this season to convince fans that the club has finally turned things around otherwise the only people left to replace is the hierarchy.

Patrick Kane can't get to Chicago fast enough.
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