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So, the latest rumour of Ohlund/Schneider to Tampa for St.Louis is very tantalizing. My opinion is that Schneider is the “Prince Harry” of the Royal family. He may have royal blood, but he will never be the King, that role is Luongo’s. Although, at least Prince Harry goes to Cowboys!

Trade Schneider while his stock is high! Ohlund is sadly on the downside of his career. I love the guy, but his feet are slow and doesn’t take the body like he used to. At $3.5M he is a very attractive commodity to a team, especially one who is trying to keep its superstar, Lecavalier.

This whole transaction leaves $3.6M in the Canucks cap space, can some say FOPPA. I know it would max out the cap space, but how about this line up:

#1) Forsberg, Naslund, St. Louis
#2) Sedin, Sedin, Pyatt
#3) Morrison, Cooke, Kesler
#4) Linden, Burrows, Cowan, Ritchie, Shannon

#1) Mitchell (should be our Captain), Bieksa
#2) Salo, Miller
#3) Krajicek, Edler
#4) Bourdon,
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August 13, 2007 10:40 PM ET | Delete
Canucks still need a couple of "spare" playersso that will take at least 1 mil away from the cap space remainingas well as 1.5 mil Nonis said he is going to save for the duration of the season in case of injuries.
August 14, 2007 6:14 AM ET | Delete
hahahaa Forsberg going to the nucks.... sorry but that is highly unlikelyand for those exact reasons why would Tampa want Ohlund, and a goalie prospect, they need a both a dmen but in better age group
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