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Habs and Flyers

Posted 9:09 PM ET | Comments 0
As I sit here and watch this game, no matter what the Flyers do, its going to be a no win situation for them. Case in point was the 2nd goal by the Habs. It seems as though Chris Lee must be also be a French Hab too since he cracked under pressure when it came to giving a penalty to Briere.

I've never seen a bunch of head hunters against one guy because he would not sign with them. How childish can you get? He went for the money and a longer contract. I know I would've done the same thing.

With hockey suppose to be Canada's sport, I would think they would know how to make good ice and have good boards.

I would never waste my time booing a single player for the whole game. Classless....

Penalty shot...gotta love Chris Lee...

I lost a lot of respect for the Habs tonight....
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