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Pen vs. Flyers

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2 and 0 versus the Pens this year. Have the Flyers gained any respect from the Pens, namely from Crybaby Sid? I don't think so.

You have to wonder when Malkin and Sid get hit if their desire is still there. I would venture to say no it's not. I've never seen two players shy away from contact as quickly as these two players and turtle the rest of the game. Begging and pleading to have penalty after penalty called in favor of them.

I've never seen a player reach and cry for a call every time he gets hit. Plus, when he gets the chance to step up and show his manhood he hides amongst his players and his teammates.

Classic was during the final minutes of the game he had a chance to "step up" against Richards. Although we both know Richards will hmmmmmm kick the snot out of him. Remember he's the Captain of the team. The Captain of the team is suppose to lead his troops.

Until Sid starts to show his leadership outside of pointing points up, he will never lead his team to the promise land. Scoring and pointing up points but if you continue to cry he will never gain the full respect from his team and from the league. The act is getting old and the other teams and referee's are starting to catch on. It's sad really because he has a huge amount of talent, but talent does not bread leadership.

In the end the ther Flyers are waking up and showing the league they are going to fight for a playoff spot this year. Hartnell finally gets off the snied even if it's a empty net goal. The Flyers had strong penalty killing once again against a potent Pens PP. Simply with a small hiccup the Flyers played a strong game and the Pens are sliding.

Leadership goes a long way...

Good Hockey....
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