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Well, this week starting off with the rumors, there's a lot. Well the one rumor I'm hearing al lot is Jason Allison. I heard from my most reliable source that the Islanders will either sign him this week or invite him to training camp. I feel they are more likely to sign him then invite him. The reason for that is because Jason put up tremendous numbers in the 2005-06 season playing only 66 games, scoring 17 goals with 43 assists. I find that really good. I also hear he is a Ted Nolan type of player, this fits perfectly.

Please Note** This rumor is becoming more unlikely. I will keep you guy's posted. The reason why it's becoming more unlikely is because they were going to go for him but talk between the isles and Allison stopped. I will keep you posted.

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good job nation
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As a Leafs fan watching Allison in 05-06 although he did put up very good numbers, alot of those goals were sitting in front of the net on the PP, and I know "a goal is a goal" but alot of those goals were double insurance goals(eg.5-2 goal). But the other thing is he was SO SLOW, which kept the pace of the game to a minimal when he was on the ice, and he wore down very easily so in the last 2 months of the year his ice time dropped;partially because of wear and tear, and partially because he just wasn't performing.Now, after all that ragging on Jason Allison, he no doubt can still score it's just how the Isles would use him. I think a third line centre roll/man in front of net roll on the PP is perfect for a 78 year old, big, slow veteran.Jeez, reading that over that was a little harsh. Allison would deffinitley be a good third liner for the Islanders.Aight, I'm out.Elfman.
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