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As I was preparing to write up part two for the Islanders draft recap, I received an email from one of the readers of New York Islanders Net who knows our sixth round pick, Anders Lee, personally. Instead of keeping the draft recap a three part series, I decided to make it a four part series, with this entry focusing only on Anders Lee, and then picking up from there. Here is the email I received from an Islanders Net reader from Edina, Minnesota, hometown of Anders Lee himself. The email is short, but it does contain many links that I will also put in here. This reader (who I will keep anonymous unless he gives me the green light to do otherwise) obviously knows Anders Lee very well. Here it is:

To read the rest of this article, please go to New York Islanders Net at http://islesnet.blogspot.com . All comments and questions are greatly appreciated, and can be left at the website or emailed to [email][email protected][/email].
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Actually, the guy's name was Michael Sabre. I got an email from him about two days after the draft and I responded to him. I think he is just trying to get the word out that his hometown boy is choosing hockey over football, and he figured the Islanders blogosphere was the best way to do it.
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