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Luongo shakes it off

Posted 1:49 PM ET | Comments 2
I found myself, much like probably every other Canuck fan on Saturday night biting my fingernails and sitting on the edge of my seat for 3/4 of the game. Perhaps it was the early goal that got past Luongo, or the daze I was left in after I quickly adjusted my TV, trying to fix the color from the new (baby blue Canucks Jerseys). However I think the major contributor to my upset stomach was the major scare to "King Luongo".

In the second period of the game, Lankow was cross checked into Luongo by newly addition Arron Miller. The funny thing after the replay it looked like Luongo was selling the call big time. But after a few seconds he was still lying on the ice in what looked like obvious pain.

"It's alright right now," said Luongo."I don't know if he was pushing or not but he fell on me and I fell back on my knee."

At that very moment, I could feel my heart start to pound I looked on like I just witnessed a car crash, It was like time had stopped, and everything and anything the Canucks did in the past year was riding on what Luongo was about to do next.

Luckily Luongo's next's actions were positive and he was able to shake it off. But I sat there still on my seat shaking my head wondering what if.

Does anyone else worry about this like I do ? Do the Canucks have everything riding on Luongo ?
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October 9, 2007 3:00 PM ET | Delete
I would be in the same boat if Kipper went down like that too. Having said that however, sitting with a contingent of Flames fans watching the game on Saturday night we had a diffeent view of the situation. It originally looked like Luongo was hurt, the replays showed his knee bending at an angle I didn't even want to think about. And after watching Sanford warm up and put his mask on, we all thoguht somehting seriouis had happened, until that is, Roberto calmly got up, skated in the crease for two seconds and was feeling much better. From our perspective it completely looked like he realized that maybe lying there for a couple of extra minutes to get some rest for himself and his team would be a good idea. I'm not saying he didn't feel a twinge, even Gumby(and I don't mean Hasek) would have felt something. But just lying there seemed a bit much. But clearly I'm just a biased Flames fan, and if the shoe was on the other foot, I would have kicked anybody saying this with it.
October 9, 2007 4:18 PM ET | Delete
If poor old Luongo or Kipper went down, down goes the flames and the nucks.
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