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Simply terrible. The Flyers entered the Prudential Center last night hoping things would be different now that the Devils were no longer playing in the Continental Airlines Arena. Yet, the woes were much the same as the Flyers were dropped by the Devils 4-1.

It wasn't much of a game after the first period. Flyers took the lead with Mike Knuble's deflection off Richards' slapshot. But after that, things kind of fell apart. The Devils responded with four unanswered goals, two of them coming 19 seconds a part, and another one coming five minutes later. Things tampered off even more when Biron let in his fourth goal of the night, an easy save for guy whose been flopping all over the place this year making incredible saves.

At that point, Stevens put in Niitymaki, who was supposed to be playing last night but Sevens decided to stick with Biron, who played his worst game this season. In fact, last night was only the second time in his short career with the Flyers so far in which he was pulled.

Hopefully, Biron can turn it around and focus on the Penguins for Saturday. The Flyers will need a strong performance from him if they want to win the game on Saturday.

Flyers go 3-5 on the road trip, not the way that they wanted to go but it's still fairly early in the season. Point being though is that there seems to be a lack of consistency among the players on the team, and team play in general. One night it seems like everything is working, and everyone is clicking--and then there are games last night where there isn't an ounce of intensity found.

Although no excuse, I think the game against the Pens the other night kind of shut down the Flyers both physically, and mentally. Usually that happens when you not only have to contain players like Malkin, Staal, Roberts, and Recchi--but also the best offensive player in the game today, Sidney Crosby. Not only that but it was obviously the game against the Penguins was important, as the Pens had swept the season series last season, and I believe the Flyers wanted to send the message to their state rivals that it wouldn't be the same as the previous year. Unfortunately, the game simply took too much out of them because they looked flat in New Jersey.

Add Gagne back on the injury list. Seems as though he felt dizzy during the Pens game, especially after a hit by Gary Roberts. He didn't play last night against the Devils.

Neither did Sami Kapanen who sprained his right knee. It's nothing too serious and he'll be out around a week.
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November 9, 2007 3:41 PM ET | Delete
Yep, last night was brutal. The Dev's commentators were talking about Knuble saying how the adrenaline is gone and teams are starting to take shape. Maybe this is the Flyers this year? Who knows, hopefully we get things cleaned up soon.
November 9, 2007 3:53 PM ET | Delete
Knuble seems to be getting a lot of flack lately for his lack of production. I tend to agree that he might not be able to keep up with Briere and Gagne, but that line needs a big guy in front of the net. And therefore Knuble is the only guy for them.
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