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Flyers lose a heartbreaker in overtime against Boston. Niittymaki played the puck wrong as he tried to stop a breakaway, and it was simply too easy for Ward to put it in the net.

However, let's look at the positives from the game. Flyers come back from two in the third period. How? Simple. Momentum was on the their side. It all started with the Downie line, and Jason Smith helped out. For that line at that time, Hartnell, Downie, and Smith played not only the puck, but the man as well. So much so that it rattled the Bruins entirely allowing the Flyers to not only get a powerplay, in which they scored on, but to go ahead and tie it up. Jason Smith as captain did the right thing and went after a Bruin, trying to fight him to start something. Yet, even though Smith failed in trying to get a fight going, that line allowed the Flyers to pick up the pace and allowed them to get back into the game. Good job.

I thought Downie was going to do something stupid against Hnidy. They both collided against each other after the whistle with Downie throwing his shoulder politely into the Bruin, who reacted angrily with a push. It certainly helped in getting under the Bruins skin, and shows a maturity from Downie that is growing with each game he plays.

I'm glad Niittymaki got a few consecutive starts under his belt. Although, many argue that a goalie controversy is the last thing a team, especially the Flyers, need right now--I strongly disagree. If you have your backup playing as well to be a starter, a team should ride out his hot streak, picking up wins while resting up the starter. Unlike popular belief, I believe that the streak of four games for Niittymaki will not hurt Biron's confidence. He understands--and if Niittymaki can win against division and conference opponents, it only shoots up the Flyers up the standings even further--something else that Biron can't complain about.

Biron will get the start against Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals. I wonder how well number eight will play considering the big deal he signed with the team earlier in the weekend. Best of luck with him, even if I think he did the wrong thing. I don't see him winning a cup with the Capitals, who need a lot more than just Ovechkin to win a cup.
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