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"Pred J.C."
Nashville, TN • United States • 42 Years Old • Male
It is time to make a trade-if there is a sucker, I mean willing participant. The defensive breakdowns leading to odd man rushes and goals for the other team. The bad decisions on the point of the power play resulting in the 28th ranked power play. The mind-boggling penalties put the team in a hole time and time again.

I haven't even began to speak on the salary($3.2 million?). We have lower priced defenseman performing at a higher level. His money can be used to lock up Weber, Radulov and others long term. Hey new owners, how about $3.2 million to throw at Forsberg for the rest of the year if his foot is healthy?

Mr. Poile, time to call the Flyers again? Rangers? Capitals? Maple Leafs? They love high priced under achievers. Mr. Poile you do a great job. So you missed one, let's cut bait and move on this while there is still a chance so we don't have to eat that money. FANS-what do you think?
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