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The next 3 games for Colorado should prove very interesting: Car on Sat, Fla on Sun, and TB on Tues. Not only are all 4 teams, including Col, slumping (or are just down-right awful right now) but I believe Col has the potential to make a trade with any of these three teams.

From Col's end there are few untouchables and the names going remain Liles, Svatos, one of our goalies, and even Bruno. From Car it seems to be Cole and Commodore. Fla is of much more interest due to rumors about their top two players (besides Vokoun), Jokinen & Bouwmeester. TB is TB and it seems anyone and at the same time no one could leave. Certainly Boyle & Prospal are two that could move.

This SE swing should also prove interesting because if Col continues to slide much further in the standings they too will be buried by an avalanche. At this point, I don't think Mr. Giguere can afford to wait much longer, certainly not until the deadline at least. Scout the players you want and don't be afraid to be bold - we're kind of used to it with the Avs now and in some regards, we almost expect it!

Some people are also calling for Joel Q to be fired. While I too am frustrated by the Avs performances, especially lately, I don't know if I would go there quite yet - soon maybe, depending on what FG does. Q is a great coach, though this year he seems to have less of a motivational card with the players. If you fire him, you prob have to fire Tony & Jacques (maybe even Jeff) as well. Who do you look to then? Pat Quinn with his experience? Craig Hartsburg for his winning ways and motivation?

Just like with so many teams right now, there is no easy fix for Col's struggles. Perhaps a trade would shake things up...maybe the coaching staff does need to go, who knows?! All I know is, the next week should be interesting...
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