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What About This?

Posted 12:55 AM ET | Comments 6
Since I started blogging, I have been suggesting ideas to help the Avs solve their close-to-woes this season (and next). Well, the beat goes on with a "what about this?" idea.

First, as much as I hate it, trade Liles to CAR for Commodore + pick. It would have to be a trade and sign for both teams but I put Commodore in the $2.5-3.0 range for next year (given recent market trends). Liles is great and will go for somewhere between $3.5-4.5.

The big deal comes with OTT: Svatos, Skrastins, Budaj + pick for Emery + Eaves. This would potentially save us $208,000* depending on what Eaves would sign for next year. I predict $1.2-2.0.

Finally, trade Arnason (who has some potential) + someone like McCormick or Hlinka to EDM for Stoll + pick.

This would put the team payroll somewhere between $50.0 and 52.0, depending on RFA/UFA contracts next year, meaning the cap would have to rise to accommodate these trades/signings.

I will put my neck out and say that if Theo keeps gaining confidence, you take a chance and sign him to a $1/year + incentives (i.e. win 10, get X; win 20 get X, etc).

Our depth chart could like like this:

Brunette Sakic Smyth
Wolski Stastny Hejduk
Eaves Stoll Jones
Laperriere Guite Hensick

Hannan Clark
Leopold Finger/Sauer
Commodore Cumiskey

Emery Theodore/Weiman

Think about it though: We get more depth, scoring and grinding up front, get good solid checking d-men at the back with Emery backstopping. I know it might not be what everyone wants and I might take some flak for it but I think it's worth it to be a better, more solid team.

*Souces = http://nhlnumbers.com

Let me know what you think!
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January 15, 2008 1:10 AM ET | Delete
Interesting stuff, but I doubt Arnason and either of those guys get you Jarret Stoll alone, let alone with a pick. Stoll is a key piece of Edmonton's future, and short of somebody handing him Vanek money as a RFA, will be back in Edmonton.
January 15, 2008 1:13 AM ET | Delete
It wouldn't take Vanek money to get him. But we wouldn't be taking Arnason either.
January 15, 2008 1:16 AM ET | Delete
I agree, it would have to be Arny a good prospect...I think Hlinka could do it but it may have to be someone like Johan Alcen too...just an idea:)
January 15, 2008 1:23 AM ET | Delete
Would you really want Emery especially at the price that you are talking about there? I will admit I don't know a lot about the Avs being an East guy and all but Svatos seems to be a good younger player, and I dont' think Budja is a bad goalie and he doesn't come with the bagage that Emery seems to carry around with him these days!
January 15, 2008 9:48 AM ET | Delete
Very interesting ideas. I really like the Emery deal for Fantasy reasons. But it seems like a lot of trading for one team. I can't see it happening.
January 15, 2008 4:01 PM ET | Delete
Liles to the canes... I like it.
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