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Avs Injury Bug (again)

Posted 7:02 PM ET | Comments 1
So it's bad enough Colorado is without Joe and Ryan...now more bad news: Stazz is out for 2-3 weeks after appendix surgery.

There are two ways to react here:

1) Q and the coaching staff ask the players to step up to the plate and get 'em fired up *coughHejdukLilescough*. Hensick has been called up, according to Chopper. This guy is going to be really good someday soon, though we can't lump that kind of pressure on him right now.

When injuries like these happen, good teams find a way to make it work - great teams seem to gel, no matter who suits up, and are able to overcome the losses in personnel by playing the best team-hockey possible.

2) FG presses the panic button and starts pulling off trades. As Colorado is rumored in the Sundin "sweepstakes," could this be his homecoming? I don't see it happening but obviously he's still a great player...

All I know is these are tough times in Denver and it ain't going to get easier with Stazz out for as long as he is...Time to see what the Avs are made of.
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January 17, 2008 8:54 PM ET | Delete
We just need to survive with the Colorado Monsters...
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