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Avs Lose 2 In A Row

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Well I didn't get to see the whole game as the Leafs game was taking air-priority on the *cough "channel" cough* I was watching. When i picked up the game finally it was 1-0 and suddenly a blast from Rolston made it 2-0. Colorado has been alright at digging themselves out of a hole this season (remember, Flames fans?) but leaving yourself this wide open against the Wild?! Crazy.

I was impressed by two things: the speed of the rush for both teams and the physical nature to the game. Wow the Wild are fast - you really have to give them credit for how they transition! Although the body checking wasn't always present, there were certainly some memorable hits, both along the boards (Burns on one Av) and in the open-ice (Lappy on Skoula).

I thought it was a fun game to watch until about 10 mins left in the third. I don't know if Lemaire suddenly got scared and thought he was back in the late 90's again but apart from a few chances it felt like it was all neutral-zone trap! I have to give credit where credit is due, I guess, but I really do HATE it when teams sit back and protect like that, even if it's the Avs doing it! It's a smart way to play hockey sure, but you've gotta wonder, is the trap coming back? I'm not just talking with Minny either...I won't name names but suffice it to say the teams that trap know who they are!

I really feel for Wolski - that chance he had in the third when his linemate deaked Backstrom out and passed to Wolly and he just couldn't react in time...it was THAT close folks...blown chances lead to a loss most of the time and tonight was another chapter in that book.

Overall, fairly impressed by both teams performance tonight, though I HAVE to give props to TJ Hensick who looked dynamite when he had the puck!
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