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5 Moves the Avs Could Make

Posted 11:41 PM ET | Comments 4
'Tis trade deadline month I hear, and each day that we get closer to the 27th, the more itchy the "trigger fingers" become as General Managers try to find the best ways to improve their teams. The Avalanche are notorious for big-time deadline acquisitions - though in recent years the "blockbusters" have been somewhat lacking. Considering all this, here are 5 transactions (no particular order) I would like to see Colorado make by this year's deadline:

1) Find a way - ANY way - to bring one of our greatest players, Peter Forsberg, back home! Sign him for this year and then give him a bigger salary next year...even if he doesn't last his whole contract, at least he retires as a member of the team he poured out his heart and sole (haha, or soul) with.

2) Trade for a gritty, checking centre. I realize how loaded we are at C but consider a team like Anaheim when Pahlsson pretty much shut down the entire league (it seems). While Holik's name was mentioned - I hope it's not him - I just want us to be defensively responsible, especially when Joe and Paul (and maybe Peter) return.

3) Trade for either a true PP QB like Kaberle (contingent on whether he waives his NTC) or Redden or another gritty, hard-checking, in-your-face d-man. The latter might have to come in the offseason, but perhaps Barrett Jackman or Jason Smith could fit the mold nicely.

4) As unpopular as this move may be, I think Emery would be really good for us to get. He's got fire and passion - it just needs to be directed or focused and he needs to be able to check his "baggage" at the door. Which goalie do we demote or trade? I don't know - both are playing solid hockey right now.

5) Give TJ Hensick a full-time position with the team!!! This kid is amazing and he's only getting better as he goes...sure he might be a PP specialist but hey, he's scoring timely goals and improving our downright-awful power-play!

Let me know what you think!
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February 8, 2008 12:46 AM ET | Delete
Redden has an NTC as well.What would you offer for either that would make it worthwhile to the Sens? Emery is our starter, after all.
February 8, 2008 2:36 AM ET | Delete
I'd give you Emery and Redden in a heartbeat but we'd need something worthwhile. How bout Budaj, Brunnette and a pick or perhaps this Hensick?
February 8, 2008 11:15 AM ET | Delete
Forsberg is worth the risk, at the very least Avs get gate and buzz back. Emery is a disastor. Theo is much better right now and even when he wasn't playing well wasn't the distraction that Emery is. I think there's a good chance Liles and maybe Skrastins are gone (if anyone will take the later at this point). Avs could use a D-man w physical presence we have 3 guys Clark, Leopold and Lilles who are very similar (small, good skaters, w some puck moving ability) but of these Lilles is the worst on D and is due to be an FA this summer. I don't see the Avs dumping any of the good young players who have shined lately. The interesting question is if Theo keeps up the hot play, do they sign him and for how much?
February 10, 2008 11:17 AM ET | Delete
This Hensick will be a pretty good player buddy. I don't want us to sell our youth to get veterans- we arent ready for a cup this year.
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