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While some don't agree, I am unbelievably joyful that long-lost Foppa returns to Colorado!

Even if it turns out to be just one game, just one time to see him put that jersey back on, with his #21 and to see him step onto the ice - that's more than enough for me. I'm sentimental I know and maybe a bit of a mushball but this guy - this great Avs players - has returned and it's time to celebrate!

Now, will this tip the scales in favor of Colorado? I doubt it - not this year anyway. I hate to be pessimistic Avs fans because it, of course, could still happen. Forsberg has always been someone that finds a way to make the players (and team) around him better, whether through leadership, grit, finesse or flat-out sniping, he finds a way to get the job done.

I think the Avs will try to sign him to a 2-year contract at the end of the season and will make their big push next year after a small regrouping stage.

More later, but congratulations on Peter for persevering through all the negative press (and lack of fan support) and congratulations to the Avs who have become a team full of heart and soul
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February 25, 2008 6:58 PM ET | Delete
Congratulations to the Avs. They got a fantastic player, who holds himself to the highest standards. I wish him the best of luck, and will cheer for the Avs come playoff time. I will go off the deep end if he signs an extension with the Avs though, I want him back in the Orange and Black.
February 25, 2008 7:45 PM ET | Delete
You must be happy. All I can say as a Canucks fan is that the Northwest division not only got much more difficult to win, but I'm quickly reminded of the OLD battles with Canucks and Avs that occurred when we had the West Coast Express and we were always on the losing end.Nonis.... are you watching this? We need help!!!
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