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It seemed like an easy thing. After an embarrassing 3-1 loss to Minny on Monday I figured the Avs would come out of the gate flying - good rushes, hits, etc. At least there was a fight.

In a CRUCIAL game, the Avs simply did not come to play...AGAIN! They looked a lot better in the third but even then, come on. With a whopping 3 shots in the first, 7 shots in the second and 6 in the third, the Avs did not deserve to be on the same ice as the Flames.

Calgary played a really smart, defensive shell-type game (at least in the third) - clogging up the neutral zone with all 5 players. Granted, it worked well as the Avs simply could not get a rush going at all.

Colorado now trails 7th place Vancouver by 2 points and the Nucks even have a game in hand! Wow, if these guys hope to make the playoffs, the effort really has to be there - the heart and soul that got us through January/February along with the lift of having most of our key players back needs to propel this team. If not, better pack your golf bag, though I think I would much rather play football instead.

That's all folks...bongo_guy signing off...and still believing...Go Avs Go!
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March 21, 2008 2:16 AM ET | Delete
I wasn't able to watch the game but listened to it on the radio. It sounded like a pretty good effort by the boys in red. Good to see Lombardi do something with that speed.
March 21, 2008 12:24 PM ET | Delete
I could only get it on the radio too, and when the announcers are using phrases like "masterful performance" and "the best we've seen in a very long time", I wish I could have seen it. (Spoken in the first 2 periods). As encouraging as that is, as always with this team, it's what they do in the next game that matters. History suggests they now stink up the joint with Minny tomorrow. Let's hope they can break the cycle and win a few in a row here...
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