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Keepin the faith 08!!

Posted 3:40 PM ET | Comments 1
Hooker thoughts and what needs to be done to WIN game 4.

1. Change the top line- I think we need to change the top line period. The Flames know what to expect from that top line. I say send Cheech and Joe to the 2nd and promote Little Joe, Patty and Seto/Clowe to the top line. This then allows the top line (Joe and Cheech) to have a little more space and MAYBE just get a god damn goal. Also this move allows Patty to actually lead and BE on the top line for a change. This also sends a little message to Joe, Cheech and Milan to MOVE there feet. They haven’t moved too well and it shows!! You cats already said everything else that needs to be said about the play of Joe, Cheech and Milan. Also, its do or die time so you might as well try right?

2. Soft D- I CANT STAND THE FACT THE THEY NEVER HIT ANYTHING!!! Vlasic & Carle are not that good (sorry but there are better/younger D men in the league who play the body and are as good!!!). Murray and Mac have all turned into soft D men who can handle the puck to save there life. Campbell and Rivet aren’t looking that great and it shows. Campbell is really making a case 6 Million + per year. Don’t get me wrong he’s a great D man but COME ON!! GET YOUR ASS IN GEAR, IT’S THE PLAYOFFS!!! Start making smart passes, look before you dump, finish your check, & make shorter passes!!!! COME ON GET WITH THE PROGRAM!! After the game Campbell said “I don’t know if we just sat back a little too much and tried to save that lead??” REALLY?? Are you kidding me?? You don’t know if you sat back?? Did you play in last night’s game?? WAKE UP!!!

3. the forth line crumbles- For a line that has really been the most consistent other than the 3rd line, the first 3 games have not been well. For a player like Roenick to really be on his last year in the NHL, he’s looked….well you hasn’t noticed him at all!!! For as tuff as he is and as much heart as he has; he has not shown up at all. Next Shelly was brought in for what? To protect and beat the hell out of other teams players BUT that hasn’t happened at all. I’m SOOOOOO sick of seeing him mouth off to the other team but nothing happens!! Take a run at Iggy, punch, kick and scratch!!! WAKE THE F**K UP!!! ONE MORE GAME AND YOU’RE DONE!!! THE PLAYOFFS ARE OVER!!! I really need to see this line have a BIGGER heart than they have had all year. They remind me of what the Duck’s had in Rob N, Travis Moan and what ever the others guys name is were like in last years cup run. A hard hitting, checking, grind line that would score BIG goals and carry the team on its back when needed. So far they have done nothing, let alone that!!! AGAIN WAKE UP!!! JR I want to see you retire in teal!! I’m on your side but come on. BRING IT!!! Brown, Shelly, Goc and who ever else play’s on that line……WAKE UP!!! This is your chance to shine for the entire NHL to see!! Now go do it!!

4. God awful coaching- Really …no time out at any point of the game….you jack off!!! What else can be said??

5. KEEP THE FAITH!!!- Most importantly we as fans, commentators and who ever needs to show they believe in this team. All of us have some sort of emotions put into the San Jose Sharks. Some have more time and energy invested like you and I. Others just hop on the band wagon. Not that’s bad or anything but we all need to show faith in our team!! We need them to show us that they WILL bounce back and we WILL greet them home to an even LOUDER applause than Flames fans did. It’s important that we stay in it with them till the end. When this series ends (if it ends in 5 games or 7 games) & we are eliminated. Then we will stand behind our team and await the changes that will come (you know we will be taking about them ASAP). If we advance to the next round, we all will continue to stand behind team teal and NOT care what anyone says about our team. We will keep moving on!!!

Till next time,

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ugly - if you wrote that in Word and then copied and pasted, it doesn't work so well. Try and reformat or no one will read that mess.
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