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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
Buffalo, NY • United States • 21 Years Old • Male
The Sharks played well today, made some bad mistakes in the 2nd and that cost them the game. Personally, 2 of Dallas's goals should not have counted. The officiating leaguewide thus far has been subpar and again so today. I was not aware you can push a goalie with you leg to move him out of position while he is down on the ice. I thought that was considered goalie interference but I guess that is just me. I also was not aware you were allowed to cross check a man from behind into the boards. Tonight was just one of those games were nothing goes right for the Sharks, and a night plagued by poor officiating. That is another game this year I have watched on Center Ice that has had terrible officiating. It seems it is an average of a few every week. I understand refs will not call everything, but atleast get the ones right you have to call. I like physical play, but some penalties like goalie interference and cross checking should always be called everytime.

In the games I think have had poor quality officiating, its either terrible missed calls, no consistency to calling penalties, and calling phantom penalties. It is up to the refs to keep games called evenly, when they do not do their job, teams win or lose based on poor performance by the refs, and that should never ever happen.

Well either way, the Sharks lost tonight and I am always bitter after a loss for a while. Remember the positives, the Sharks played well, they played very physical, and will continue to do so. I look to see them mad about today and looking to spoil to return of Scott Neidermeyer tomorrow in Anaheim.
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