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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
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Well even when the Sharks put a great effort to win a game, they still lose another game at home. The Sharks host the Blue Jackets tonight, and I am hoping that they can win the game in 60 minutes, and avenge the loss to Columbus earlier this season. I attended that game, and that was a long 5-hour drive back to Buffalo that night. I had great seats though; 2nd row in the corner where the Sharks shot twice.

The Blue Jackets are comming off a win in LA and will try to improve their sub-par road record while the Sharks will try and win their first game at home since December 13th.

I have no explanation as to why the Sharks continue to lose at home. It is frustrating all of us, and I am getting a little annoyed of staying up late to watch the Sharks lose and then have to get up the next morning at 6am for morning swim practice. I hope the Sharks give all of us something to cheer about tonight and dominate the Sharks.


Well I apologize for missing SharksBuzz yesterday, I helped a man who was in dire need of baby formula, apparantly his baby had not been fed since 3:30pm the day before, and it was awesome to help another person and see him tear up when I bought the baby formula for him. So I was a little preoccupied at the time.

Some of my thoughts of the topics:

Well the home woes are very frustrating, but the best way for the fans to try and get the team to win is to cheer them on. Cheer them louder than you did Thursday night. However, if the team comes out and plays terrible like they have many times this year, let 'em have it. Everyone involved with this team and who follows them has very high expectations.

And if the Sharks are winning the game late in the 3rd, don't leave the game early. Stay til the very end and if the horn goes off when the seconds tick off, give them one hell of an applause.

From what I heard, all the fans there were upbeat after the game which is awesome, so keep it up and cheer them to victory tonight, let's get the Tank's reputation back!

Torrey Mitchell has impressed me all season long, and I am very pleased to see him in a Sharks uniform. He is one of the hardest working players and always keeps his feet moving. It is easy to generate some chances or get some emotion going by just moving your feet around, and Torrey Mitchell always seems to get something going. As he gets older, I definitly can see him developing into an allstar player. He is already showing leadership qualities in his work ethic on the ice. I think investing some money in a Torrey Mitchell jersey would be a wise decision if you were thinking about that, but not the new jerseys of course, they're atrocious.

This is off-topic from the SharksBuzz; maybe it is just me, but I still have an issue watching the team this year due to their uniforms. The Sharks do not look like the Sharks to me and it just feels weird to watch the team. Maybe the Sharks are playing so bad at home because the logo on the ice is not what it has been since they have played at the tank, except the 10th anniversary season of course, but even that was the old fin. When I look at the crowd, I do not see very many new jerseys which is good. Hopefully the team will change back after this season.

Patrick Marleau, hmmm and what to do with him? I know Ryan said being a captain does not matter, but I was captain of all the hockey teams I played for, and I was proud to be the leader of the team. It meant alot to me, and my teammates looked up to me. I was very vocal, and if we lost I felt personally responsible for it and wondered if I gave my best. Marleau should feel proud to be captain of this team. He was given the captaincy for a reason. Right now though, he does not seem to care that he is the captain. Sometime I forget he is on the ice because he is not doing anything, he is not leading the team.

Well I say strip him of the captaincy, give it to someone else who deserves it more, and send him to the rafters for a game or two. And make the trade deadline a deadline to see if he turns it around, especially before his no-trade clause. But if he is a true captain and cares about it the way a captain should, a stripping and a benching would go a long way toward his play.

However, if he still does not perform to his ability then let him go. I have loved Marleau being a Shark his whole career, but if he continues to blow his chances of staying in San Jose then let him go. There are better players we could get if we compare them to the way Marleau is playing right now.

Well that is all I have to say about all that, let's hope the Sharks win and let's do our part by cheering them loud and hard tonight against Columbus. I also will be giving my mid-season report card for the team after the game tonight.

If you are going to the game, have fun, and try to get on tv so I can see you!

Go Sharks!
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January 6, 2008 12:57 PM ET | Delete
I full heartily approve of being more supportive. Whatever happened to the unconditional support. The team has always leaned on the fans to get a boost.
January 6, 2008 8:00 PM ET | Delete
Great read GS19! 1. Agree - Patty and his team worst -12 has no business as our captain, this season for sure. Listen to RW's post game from the CBJ game, he is losing patience with Patricia. 2. Agree - Any unexplainable problems this year can definitely be attributed to these new g** ini's!
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