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"bleeding teal in Buffalo"
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Gotta have faith

Posted 9:02 PM ET | Comments 2
It's all about faith. You gotta have faith. You cannot think the Sharks are out of it. The Sharks can definitly win tonight, and put the pressure on Dallas. The Sharks gotta have faith in each other too.

We, the fans, believe in this team. They need to believe in each other. Wednesday's night game showed that the Sharks can beat the Stars, and if the Sharks get hot tonight, the Stars are going to have to really dig in to close out this series.

When the Sharks have had their backs to the wall so far this season, they have responded brilliantly. It is just in the games where they aren't under enormous pressure, that they sit back.

Thornton evolved his game more finally, by skating and getting open. Something I have constantly been preaching him to do more this offseason.

Nabokov looked stellar last game, Patty is playing like a true captain, and the team dug in well last game.

I believe in this team, do not give up on them.

You just gotta believe, ya gotta have faith!

Go Sharks!


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I love it when people delete comments!
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Me too.
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