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After the release of The Mitchell Report I some interesting words of wisdom from a great NHL vetern and soon to be Hall of Famer:

Chris Chelios, the fitness freak he is, believes his league is as clean as white as snow.

“For some reason, hockey’s never been involved, and I don’t think it ever will be,” the Detroit Red Wings defenseman said Thursday, just before Mitchell released his report on the use of performance-enhancing substances in Major League Baseball.

“It just hasn’t been an issue with our sport,” Chelios said. “No one’s ever mentioned it. No one’s ever approached me, and I’ve been around longer than anyone. I’ve been in gyms, I’ve been training, I’ve had a trainer for 14 years. It’s never once occurred, so I’ve just never thought about it.”

Has Chelios forgot about guys like Sean Hill and Bryan Berard who were recently suspended for testing positive for performance enhancing drug? Does the NHL has any drug problems at all or is Chelios correct?


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