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"Guess what? I got a fever! And the only prescription.. is more Avalanche hockey! "
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This is the day

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I wrote this in honor of today

This is the Day

He rises early
Excitement blazing in his eyes
This is a day that comes
But once a year

This is the day
Where the poor
Can get something the rich cannot
A day where all that matters is what you get

This is the day
Of agents of change
Of change of arrangements
Of new beginnings

This is the day
The day that directions change
The day to impress
The day that questions get answered

What will he get?
What new toys is he going to have to play with next year?
How much will it cost?
All these questions are on his mind

What will his friends get that he did not?
Who’s going to come out ahead?
Who got the hottest item on the market?
Who received nothing?

This is the day
The first day of Free Agency
That a hockey General Manager remembers
What it’s like to be a kid on Christmas
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