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Well what can I say, this game lived up to all the hype surrounding it, fast paced and edge of your seat action. The Senators showed they are a team to be reckoned with, coming on the good side of a 3-2 win against the First place overall Detroit Red Wings. Captain Daniel Alfredson also put on a show tonight with 2 goals and so many other amazing plays I couldn't possibly list them all,what more can you say about our captain? the guy is just playing amazing hockey and I cant imagine how he couldn't be considered a Hart trophy candidate. Fisher also chipped in with a beauty goal breaking through the Detroit D and banging his own rebound home.

The only area of concern with this team right now (other than the still undecided goaltending issues) is still there tendency to lay back a bit in the 3rd periods, im currently calling this "Toronto Maple Leafitis"..the Sens played as close to a complete game as you can through the first 2 periods, limiting all of Detroit's chances to the outside and really dominating with the puck but for some reason for about 10 minutes of the 3rd they just kind of stopped doing all those good things and you could see why Detroit is number 1 in the NHL right now..but all in all tonight I am willing to give them a pass as Detroit is just that good of a team. That being said about the 3rd period lead blowage, this was another game that could have been more out of reach, 3 posts hit, Mcammond not being able to bury the goal on a great steal from Hasek(which made me throw up a little seeing him miss it) and then Hasek robbing Fisher on the mini breakaway could have made this a much more lop-sided game.

I had previously written that I was concerned about Ray Emery getting the start and I hoped he would prove me wrong, while the Sens got the win tonight, and I cant really fault Emery on the first goal, I did think the second one was one he could have had, BUT overall I found team defence won this game more than anything Emery did on the ice, I found Emery to be just average tonight as we wasn't really tested through most of the game..as I said before, im not an Emery hater and I would love nothing more to see this guy get his head and game together but tonights game showed me nothing new and at this point I still don't have a ton of confidence in his game, I was still half covering my eyes almost every time the puck was going towards him and I still think Gerber should be our number 1 goalie going forward.

Now the big news from tonights game is the status of Dany Heatley, after going into the boards hard in the 3rd period, he immediately went to the locker in very obvious discomfort favoring his right shoulder, I have heard nothing new about whats going on and basically im just hoping its nothing serious or long term, as im sure I wasn't the only once to notice that Detroit scored twice after he left..
So now we come to the part of show where I get to complain about 2 things that caused me to re-arrange much of the pillows in my living room..

1) I don't usually complain about the reffing in the games anymore, mostly because I have just kind of given up on the fact that we have minor league caliber ref's and I find it off that even with 2 of them on the ice they still manage suck so horribly bad..BUT tonight at least in my opinion I thought the reffing was terribly sucktasticly (ya its a word) bad...Im not blaming any result on the reffing, and you can accuse me of seeing things through my sens glasses, but they must of missed literally 6 calls tonight on Detroit, on the last PP the sens got in the game they could have quite literally called 3 different penalties on Detroit. What really got me yelling at my TV (cuz they can hear me) was in the first period, watching The Wings players hook and cross check and generally dump the sens on the ice right in front of the Ref, hey no call..there ya go...then 30 seconds later a marginal call on Ottawa, im told that there is somewhere a guy that is in charge of the Ref's and apparently he reviews the games (based on the kind of referring we have to assume this is just a myth, like leprechauns or a maple leaf victory, k sorry that was a cheap shot..) well this one was a prime example of terribly horrible officiating, and im just glad the Sens penalty killing was so good that it was a Non Factor, and frankly im quite happy the Sens scored on of there 5 chances tonight.

2) Mr. Don Cherry and Mr. Ron Maclean, I know these guys are total Maple Leaf's Homers and really the CBC is basically in love with the Leafs, but I mean cmon now, you are on national TV, as in all across Canada, currently broadcasting what many considered the game of the year between the 2 top team in the NHL, AND NOT EVEN A SINGLE MENTION OF THE GAME!!! WHHAAA???? he opens up making the camera zoom in on his Maple Leafs Tie and Cufflink and then talking about the Leafs and then they trail off talking about everything under the sun EXCEPT THE SENS AND WINGS!!! I wasnt really all that suprised that no mention of the Sens on Coaches Corner, but I mean when thats the MAIN GAME you are showing you think you could throw at least a quick mention of the game..and just when I thought it cant get worse they come back to them after the commercial and there is Don pointing out that CuJo us coming to the Leafs and is going to be "our savior"..Wow thanks for the Un-Biased reporting there Don...anyways I had some jokes I was going to make in all this but I tired myself out complaining I think....
So there ya go that was my rant on that..I know it was long, but well its my blog so there ya go.

Anyways back to the game, im all kinds of happy the sens won, this was a great measuring stick and this was a game I thought they were the better, more dominant team in and deserved this victory!!!
So what were your thoughts on the game tonight?? am I wrong about Emery or the officiating? and am I the only one that wishes we could see Detroit more than once a year? and how concerned are you about Heater (im real anxious to find out whats up with that..)
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