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4-2 Washington over Ottawa...Sens went a stellar 0-4 against Washington this year managing to get outscored 22-12 over that span. Wow..just...WOW... im not sure if this is just a weird cosmic anomaly that has the planets and moon lined up in the right order when these 2 teams play, but as every sens fan im sure will agree with me, this isn't the team we are used to seeing on a night to night basis. And I will say it now, if the Caps manage to creep into the playoffs, and don't kid yourself, it could happen, this could be a quick exit for the Sens should they draw them in the first or even second round.

As for tonights game, it was basically a display of terrible horribleness from the Sens, don't get me wrong I take nothing away from Washington, they played hard and looked like the first place team and we looked like the 13th place squad. I have to say im really dissapointed in the Sens tonight, i really honestly thought they were gonna come out flying tonight and instead they came out and played horrible, sloppy..well crappy hockey. The only good thing that came out of this game, other than Mcammond finding the back of the net, is we (hopefully) wont be seeing this team again this year. I have read some people saying that Washington has figured out how to beat Ottawa, which I don't really buy, mainly because if they found some magical way to consistently beat Ottawa, other teams would be copying that and Ottawa wouldn't be first in the East, I just think Washington shows up, gives 120% and Ottawa..well..doesn't..I really don't know what else to say about coming up with reasons why the sens cant beat the caps other than the caps just seem to want it more.

I'm still really on the fence about Emery,I think he was just average tonight, he made a couple of nice saves but really should have had the last 2 goals. I'm not sold that he can be our number 1, I still think Gerber is the better goalie and I'm hoping he takes the reigns here and really proves to everyone that he should be the guy in nets on 90% of the nights. The tandem of Corvo and Redden were just awe full tonight, I know Redden scored but I thought he took his game to a new level of crappy tonight. It sure looks like Spezza isnt 100%, he was basically invisible tonight and looked lost out there without Heatley on his Wing, i really didn't think Zubov brought anything special to the game tonight, but its his first NHL game so ill give him the benefit of the doubt. and Finally you know its a bad night when even our captain does nothing, Alfie was also completely out of this game, which is bound to happen, the guy cant be expected to throw the team on his back every single night.

I really thing Vermette is going to be gone by the trade deadline, I used to be really against letting him go, but im just fed up with the nothing he brings to the team, every year I keep thinking hes gonna get 30 goals this year..and then he just doesn't, hes at all of 8 goals so far and I think a change of scenery would be good for him and hopefully he plus a pick or 2 could land us something in the way of a top 6 forward or big D man.

Lets hope the boys can get it together for there next game on Thursday against Carolina, who at the time I write this as currently getting spanked by Toronto, so you can imagine they wont be in a stellar mood come Thursday night. SO what do you guys all think about this one? is everyone as upset with this game as I am? or am I just over-reacting to the display of horribleness the Sens put on tonight???
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Well written bro. And I don't think you're overreacting per se, because I too was steaming. Washington brought it, and the thing is, in my view, they are NOT a great team by any means, but when the Sens don't play a solid game, let alone for a full 60 mins, you the 0-4 result... It's sickening to see that Semen guy running around our defense, and the fact that NOBODY hit Ovie... Although I noticed that softie Brashear has no issues picking on smaller guys but won't go toe-to-toe with a formidable foe like Grats... what gives Brashear?? getting soft in your old age??Anyway, what's done is done and I am dissapointed in the Sens perfomance against the caps this season, but I know, as all Sens fans know, what they are TRULY capable of and with our without Heatley, they can get the job done. Thursday game against the Canes ought to be a good one... and for the Sens' sake, I hope they find their legs and checking again...
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You can pretty much get the mood I was in when I wrote this last night...but ya ive cooled down since, I still believe Vermette is traid bait right now..and I think we will see a different sens team against Carolina..
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