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It would seem as though our team has remembered how good they can actually play if they put a 60 minute effort together, putting on a show tonight with a 5-1 win over the Injury and Flu bug riddled Carolina Hurricanes. This game may have been just what the Sens needed to get the confidence of some of there secondary scorers up. Antoine Vermette, I have been oh so hard on you over the past few week's and will, at least for today, eat my words, you showed flashes of brilliance all night, scoring 2 goals, and you could have had 2 more! The breakway goal was a beauty, following your own rebound and knocking it in, this is the kind of effort we as Sens fan would LOVE to see from you on a nightly basis. I thought Kelly,Schubert and Robitaille all elevated there games and had great nights, especially after the departure of Alfie.

There hasnt been much news about Alfie's condition, but it looks as though he will be OK, even to the point of Coach Paddock saying its possible he will play tommorow night against Tampa, BUT in my opinion I think you let him rest tommorow night against the last place Tampa Bay Lightning, if the boys play tommorow night like they did last night, they should do a dance on the Lightning as well.

So, really..how much does Gerber have to do to get a foothold on the number 1 goalie reigns, to this point of the year he only holds a 21-7-1 record, a.919 save percentage and 2.53 GAA. The guy has literally had 4 shaky games all the season, tell me, what other goalie in the NHL hasnt? I will once again maintain that im not an Emery basher, I have no desire to see the team trade him, because I think we do need a solid second netminder, but that being said if Gerber can continue to play the way he has shown he can this year, I think we will be just fine. I found last night in the 3rd period I was actually impressed with, what I allways found was his big weakness, I thought his rebound control was actually really solid, he was directing his rebounds either to the corner or on more than 1 occasion right onto the stick of one of his D-men. I like Emery, but im full on in Darth Gerber's corner this year. So I say, give him the job and let him run with it!

So all in all, a pretty solid game by the Sens, nice to see everyone chipping in offensively, and also nice to see Spezza back to his old tricks, a beauty feed to Robitaille, and then again he froze Ward on his own goal, it looks like it just took him a couple games to shake off getting rocked against the Isles. And to that note it looks like the whole team needed a couple games to adjust to life without Heatley, which is understandable, and speaking of Heater, am i the only one who gets the feeling that when he gets back on the lineup, hes going to score like a crazy person????

Next game is Saturday night against the Last place Tampa Bay Lightning, should be hopefully a good one, as long as they dont play sloppy like they did last time against the lightning, it has the potential of being another spanking.
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