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Well, I haven't written anything in quite sometime, as I have frankly been frustrated to the point where I felt like if I actually put anything down it would just be a lengthy expletive laced tirade about what is annoying me about the team. Well I have decided enough is enough and I finally have to ask the question....what happened to the Senators??? How could the team that made it to the Stanley Cup Finals last year and basically dismantled every team in the East fall so far with what is essentially the same roster???? This team is currently second in the East with 79 points, First in the division, and still comfortably in the playoffs by 9 points, BUT by the end of the night Things could look a lot different with Montreal, Pittsburgh and NJ all playing tonight and winning as I write this.

What is happening right now, as I type this, the Senators are down 3-0 to the Boston Bruins midway through the second period, I am watching what is in my opinion the worst hockey the Senators have played over the past 5 years, the team looks disorganized, disinterested and just don't seem to know what they are supposed to be doing. From that all I can assume is the team has completely stopped playing for John Paddock. Now I want to be clear about something, at no point this season did I like the hiring of John Paddock, even with the Sens great start I still thought he wasn't the right choice, his constant line juggling and goalie juggling has caused more harm then good. Im not an insider with the team, nor do I have and connections or sources, but I have seen enough hockey in my 29 years to know when a team has tuned out the coach, and have read enough over the past couple months to indicate that the team isn't happy with the coach.

Being that Murray wasn't able to land a major trade with either a goalie or another big hammer on the back end, I think at this point the only option to shake things up is to get rid of Paddock, there has been some rumbling that tonights game could be a must win (and as of now it certainly doesn't seem like its going to happen) and I for one hope it is a must win and to that matter hope Ottawa loses, because Paddock HAS TO GO, enough is enough, there aren't enough games left in the season to keep hoping the team will just get it together as going into the playoffs cold is a recipe for a first round exit!!!
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