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Big game tonight for the Sens against the Sharks, I didn't write anything following the game on Monday against Anaheim, because it frankly would have been a complete waste of time to write several paragraphs about the god awful officiating which led to the Ref's essentially handing the game to the Ducks. There were some positives to that game though, I thought Gerber played an incredible game and had basically no chance on any of the 3 Anaheim goals, I thought the Sens overall played a strong game and about midway through the second and really the whole third I thought they dictated the play and really took the game over, if it wasn't for the terrible missed calls and just overall horrible ref job I think that game could have easily turned in the Sens favor. And the last thing about Monday night is, for one of the first times ever I actually called the score on this game before it started..I thought Gerber would play well, but I didn't think the sens would win and I called a 3-1 ducks win...its even in writing on Kevin Lee's in game blog in the comments..yay me..

Now to tonight, Gerber once again gets the start which I think is well deserved, and I hope they run with him, I just cant see how Emery is going to do anything positive for this team this year or going forward. I think the boys are going to build on Monday night and I have a real strong feeling we are going to see them really control this game tonight, I think they match up against the Sharks well and really if they win tonight I think theres a really good chance we could see them get on a nice roll to end the season. What I really want to see is Gerber have a good night and build his confidence back up and I have a feeling we will see Spezza and Heatley really connect the dots tonight, seemed like in the 3rd on Monday night Spezza really started to find his game and if it wasn't for Giguerre he would have had 2 goals, and as for Heatley, well hes just due, any Sens fan knows that the flood gates are just waiting to burst open with Heatley, since he came back from his injury he hasnt had too many great games, well I have a feeling that the boys are going to elevate there game and really try to prove something.

Well heres hoping my prediction streak continues, im willing to call a Sens Win tonight by a margin of 4-2.

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Should be a good one!
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