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As great as Marty Turco was for most of the opening round series against the Vancouver Canucks-and he was, make no mistake-he still won't shed that label of choke artist.

From this corner, he shouldn't.

Turco was mostly stellar, but the definition of choke means falling short in the key spot, which he did last night. Vancouver's second goal, the game winner, was a weak goal.

Certainly the Stars could have helped more by not taking so many bad penalties and maybe not getting outshot and outplayed so badly. But that simply makes Turco's allowing such a soft goal a bigger case for him not being a guy that can win the big game.

I like Marty Turco, and certainly think he's among the top ten-maybe even top five goalies-in the NHL. But he still gets a pair of goat horns for that second goal last night, three shutouts or not.
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