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Lasse Kukkonen Odd Man Out

Posted 10:14 PM ET | Comments 3
According to Flyers radio color man Chris Therien look for the Philadelphia Flyers to find a trading partner for D-Man Lasse Kukkonen. With the Flyers already 8-Man deep and negotiations underway with Bryan Berard it appears Kukkonen will be the odd man. Lasse a former captain in the Finnish Elite League never excelled at anything other than being an excellent shot blocker with the Flyers, given his lackluster play in his own end, and less than par offensively. Most likely Luca Sbisca who appears NHL ready both physically and mental and who's smart play surprised GM Paul Holmgran will likely serve better by going back for one year in the WHL, given the Flyers current log-jam at D. With the aforementioned trade and return of Sbisca to junior hockey the Flyers would be left with Timmonen, Coburn, Jones, Parent, Eminger, Berard, and recently signed Ossi Vannanen. Look for teams such as the Bruins or Blues who are in desperate need of D to make a bid for Kukkonen, or perhaps a undercapped team such as the Kings.
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October 2, 2008 10:31 PM ET | Delete
Excellent comment with great supporting citation of Chris Therien. I totaly agree with this decesion let's just hope we get something in return for this guy and not have to wave him. If you trace the trades back we gave up Kyle Calder for kukkonen, Michael Handzus for Calder, and Boucher for Handzus ok never mind but still he's gotta be worth at least a 3rd or 2nd round pick don't you think?
October 2, 2008 10:36 PM ET | Delete
I hope so some teams may not be willing to trade unless they give up salary too perhaps an extra foward which we don't need. JESUS can someone else comment so I dont have to keep talking back to my self I made good comments and brought up a great development in Flyer land yo Ek were are you how do I get my blog up their with Tim Pinachio I mean gosh you let Scoop Cooper the old equipment man post I love the guty but lets face it hes still bragging about Illka Sinasolo whos next Doug Crossman Come on give me soem exposure I know my freakin Flyer hockey I mean Brad Jones who else would remeber Brad Jones remeber he played with Brind'amour after we aquired Roody from St Louis for Ronny Sutter
October 2, 2008 10:39 PM ET | Delete
Guess Ill go talk Flyer hockey with my Dog at least she acknowledges me. Maybe well talk about Derick Smith remember old number 24 "Stone Hands" god he sucked. Good night If anyone actually ever reads this Ill go cry now.
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