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"Tampa Bay Lightning"
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Nabokov's dad said that his son wants to play for Tampa. Yes there are hurdles to overcome and they seem difficult; but with the "magic" Yzerman has done for this team, I have no doubt he could successfully tackle this. Nabokov hasn't proven that he can carry a team all the way through the playoffs, but there was so much said about Khabibulin not being able to either, that I feel he deserves the chance. You have a goalie that wants back in the NHL badly, and even wants to play for your team...pure evidence. Add that to the vibe this team has been generating this season, and it just feels right. If anything, a Nabokov/Ellis tandem would give us a better chance to go further than Ellis/Smith. I just hope we don't end up with a "what if" situation. Thoughts/comments?
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