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The Good

Nash @ Center ends quickly, as he is moved back to his normal LW position after getting caught out of position and taking an interference penalty because of it.

As a result, Chimmy is rejoined with the kids and the Goat line produces another solid night.

Toughness... Avs bring in goon Tucker... Dorsett and Tucker go toe to toe with some quick jabs and a few haymakers. Tucker heads to the penalty box with a bloody nose.

Boll makes a smart move and when he got into a fight he just tied the guy up rather than risk another concussion. Smart move by the youngster.

Chimmy is finding the net. In seasons past, his slapshot cracks the glass. This year it bulges the twine. He's really turning things around nicely this year. I think the kids and him being put into that leadership role is helping his confidence.

For once, we don't make a backup goalie look like Patrick Roy.

Heart & Determination was there for the Jackets as well. The refs did everything they could to hand the game to the Avs. Never handing the Avs a penalty (outside of fighting majors). Including what should have been an interference call when Boller was leveled in front of the net as the guy actually had to step over the loose puck to hit him. At a minimum, should have been interference, followed by an instigator penalty.

There were a few other holds, hooks and a couple of trips the refs didn't call either. Luckily at the same time, they didn't quite call every Jackets infraction that happened last night either. Overall, a big bonus for the team overcoming these extra disadvantages.

The Bad

Yeah the Jackets won 4-2, but there were several glaring issues throughout the game. Luckily the Avs have goal tending that makes us look good, and a bit of a scoring slump of their own.

2 of our goals were generated off of the rush. Which is good in that we finished our scoring chances last night. However, we never setup in the Avs zone to get a scoring chance. Hjeda's goal was the closest we came, and a good heads up move by Chimmy to see him coming down into the slot.

The Top line was held to nothing. All 3 were basically held off the scoring sheet. Obviously Novotny is not a Top line Centerman. Next please?? This line is just not getting anything done. They had multiple breakaways, including a 3 on 1, in which Novotny took the shot and hit a post. I would rather him pass it to either Nash or Huselius on that rush. Both were wide open without a Dman in their face. Foote on defense on that play did a nice job of blocking out Nash though.

Nash @ Center. He played about 5 shifts at center. Early on you could tell he was lost. Multiple times he was playing his standard LW lock position of forechecking. Chimmy was smart enough to see that and not stay on the forecheck when that occurred. In one instance, the Avs got the puck setup behind the net, both Dman played their position nicely. Nash's job as center in that situation is to force the Avs player to play the puck and get it out from back there. Instead he waits at the top of the slot for somebody else to do something. His interference penalty was just bad. Just out of position on that play completely and he runs over the Avs player trying to fix it up.

And yes, Dorsett did commit a penalty in the 3rd period. Right after the faceoff he is clearly holding onto the stick of an Avs player. Unfortunately the refs didn't seem to think that the ensuing High stick that followed wasn't a penalty.

Overall, let's hope the Jackets get to Fire the Cannon Saturday night. They need to string some wins together to get themselves sorted out.

In closing... during the Post Game interviews on Altitude TV, after the Joe Sackic interview they panned out a bit far... in return they received a full moon from a Colorado player changing clothes. Afterwards Brian Engblom and his counterpart studdered for about 5 seconds before they regained their composure. Quite funny!!
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