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Okay sooo here we go...

Eastern Conference
1.Montreal VS 8.Boston - Montreal in 5
Why? Bruins will keep playing dead with the Habs.
2.Pittsburgh VS 7.Ottawa - Pittsburg in 6
Why? Pens are too much and the Sens are sucking big time.
3.Washington VS 6.Philadelphia - Philadelphia in 7
Why? Flyers played HUGE games at the end of the season, better momentum.
4.New Jersey VS 5.New York - New York in 6
Why? Rangers dominated the Devils and have better offensive team.

Western Conference
1.Detroit VS 8.Nashville - Detroit in 6
Why? The Wings have the best season record for a reason.
2.San Jose VS 7.Calgary - San Jose in 5
Why? Calgary struggled late in the season and the Sharks are HOT!
3.Minnesota VS 6.Colorado - Minnesota in 7
Why? Wild are a very balanced team and Forsberg's ankle/groin won't hold up.
4.Anaheim VS 5.Dallas - Anaheim in 5
Why? Ducks are a mean machine and they are still mighty lol.


This would mean the next round would be:

Eastern Conference
1.Montreal VS 6.Philadelphia
2.Pittsburgh VS 5.New York
Western Conference
1.Detroit VS 4.Anaheim
2.San Jose VS 3.Minnesota

There you go... just my opinion, but feel free to comment.
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