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"When will the Bruins return to the Glory Days?"
Bridgeport, CT • United States • 41 Years Old • Male
Well it's that time of year again and I find myself feeling a bit of deja vu. The Boston Bruins desperately need to hang on to Phil Kessel!!!
Look what the absence of Ryder did to the Bruins chemistry while he was out.
While Kessel dealt with his fight with Mono the Bruins did fare a little better than they did during Ryder's absence (but that time was also with a less than a 100% Kessel while he was getting his legs back), Kessel's game appears to be headed in the right direction and his speed is unmatched in the Bruins lineup. I think he will have another fantastic playoff and continue his improvement into next years campaign.

While the thought of a Chara Pronger blueline tandem is exciting, I just think addition by subtraction with this team is not what the doctor ordered.
This team needs fine tuning and bolstering of the Defensive corp and PP, not a major deal like that.
Kaberle and Moore for picks and a prospect, Cole for Lashoff and Sobokta seem more like the type of deals the B's can handle and I think Kaberle would be far more complemenatary to Chara than Pronger!
I mean there's only so much room on the blueline for two monsters...not to mention two monster contracts.
I would rather see the B's move Fernandez than trade Kessel, because Tuuka Rask will is ready to back up Thomas and Phil will be mounting 40 goal seasons for years to come.
Pronger is three-four years away from a tearful press conference announcing his retirement.
If they can get Pronger on Draft day then please do it...but not at the expense of the only young bona-fide sniper you have in the system.
This team is going nowhere...they shouldn't feel the pressure to win right now because this is the future of the Bruins.
Krejci, Lucic, Wheeler, Kessel, Bergeron, Rask...the core is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future.
The hub has many spokes on it's wheel and there is enough veteran leadership between Yelle, Ward, Hnidy, Ference, Thomas and Thornton to guide these guys through another playoff.
We need to replace Sturm's left handed shot on PP and another Defenseman to keep the likes of Ference, Ward and Hnidy off the PP.
Nothing against them....they're great penalty killers....on both sides of the puck!!!
I like all the rumors I'm hearing except for the Pronger for Kessel....it seems like last year when I was hearing the Hossa for Kessel.

We'll see what Wednesday holds...
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