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Time to Get Malkinated

Posted 10:37 PM ET | Comments 0
Malkin's torrid pace since Sid the Kid went down has been nothing short of super power induced. It's been obvious his production up until then has been the ability to not be matched up versus the top checking lines of other teams and also be sided with Sid who draws most of the paranoia by opposing defenses. But thrust into the 1st line center position it was immediately thought that Malkin would be shown as too young and not experienced enough to be able to handle this workload. Boy did he show those suckers wrong.

Now, tied with the scoring lead with Alexander the Great it shows that the hype of the Crosby and Ovechkin stardom was not warranted, that it's Malkin vs. Ovechkin. This goes deeper as well, the 2 russian hockey gods have never played together and any time the opportunity has arose for both to be linemates coaches avoid it because well, they hate each other. Maybe it's the fact Ovechkin picks up women over the internet that Malkin doesn't like, who knows but the battle for the Art Ross is going to one of these 2 this year. Will Crosby's return hurt Malkin's chances? Yes, because the entire reason he's been so solid is that he drives the Pens powerplay. Crosby will take over this role and it will diminish Malkin's PPG.

But regardless if Malkin wins or loses the scoring race to the toothless goal scorer it doesn't matter. The invasion has begun and you no longer need to speak english to own all of North America.
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