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Burrowing Under Your Skin

Posted 10:45 PM ET | Comments 0
For the Canuck fans who follow them tenaciously you've most likely noticed that Alexander Burrows has been a marked man all year. There's always extra pushes and face rubs whenever he's on the ice. Cooke and Kesler are normally the agitators when it comes to trying to get temper tantrums flaring but this year it's Burrows who's the prime agitator.

Every team needs a player like this, someone you can make a star lose his cool and won't back down from intimidation tactics. Burrows comes cheap and has done as good a job as we've ever seen on the Canucks in this role and that's some big pests to fill with Ruutu and Tikkanen in the Canucks past.

But two things I've really noticed in regards of this. Burrows doesn't pull any punches. The Red Wings flare up at the start with Downie and Burrows was because he made fun of the grinders potato farm. The fight between Vincent Lecavalier and Burrows was due to some francophone trash talk. Sure, Vincent pummeled Burrows and there were more fireworks later but he had done his job to the best of his abilities; getting 2 assists, 9 penalty minutes in all of 14 minutes of ice time.

The TSN hockey boys had a poll on the NHL's Biggest Pain in the Glass. While heavy hitters like suspension leader Downie, PIM leader Carcillo and of course Steve Avery were nominated Pierre McGuire voted for Burrows as the new premiere pest. All I know is, if you speak french or english Burrows is going to piss you off at some point out there.
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