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Good for Ray

Posted 2:51 PM ET | Comments 1
Here is a story on TSN.ca with Ray Emery. He speaks his mind, accounts for his actions, and doesn't take responsibility for the Sens exit from the playoffs -- which he shouldn't. I am probably the only Emery fan left in the World, but I hope he will be given the opportunity SOMEWHERE to prove the calibre of player he can be.

April 17, 2008 5:21 PM ET | Delete
Good for Emery. People have to realize that he's a young goaltender who just took his team to the SCF last year. He just signed a new contract extension last summer, so he had a right to be frustrated that he wasn't getting any playing time. In any case, it's not his fault that the team was repeatedly shut out or that they lost in the playoffs. Someone will certainly be willing to take a chance on him this summer, and Ottawa will be making a mistake if they let him go.
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