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"A Sens-sational (usually) No Look Drop Pass"
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Well, after having absolutely nothing to talk about (as I have no sources and don't really care about coaches a whole lot) since Ottawa got eliminated, I am hearing some rumblings about things I have rambled about in the past. Things like Malkin being traded and Spezza being traded...you know, crazy talk. But apparently NOW it isn't so crazy.

I wrote before that Pittsburgh wasn't big enough for Crosby and Malkin. My point came out of a 50% ego, 50% salary cap formula. I still don't know about Geno's ego, but I seem to have been bang-on about the Cap. My POV has changed since I wrote that piece (now I think if Shero can sign Hossa, they play out this year and let Malkin walk for the plethora of first's since you would never get equal value in a trade anyway) but it is seemingly more and more likely he will not be suiting up for the ever-so-heart wrenching hoisting of the Eastern Conference Champions banner.

As for Spez, I thought he would be going to Columbus. If Columbus had the #2, I think he still would be. But they have the #6 and that just isn't good enough for a former #2 overall who can make any sniper a, uhhh, better sniper. The Kings don't really need Spez or his salary, but who knows what their GM has in store -- he could make a residual trade for a D-man with Ottawa's #18 (Kubina anyone?), and take a crack at Liles, and really ice a formidable squad next year. For Ottawa, this trade helps them long-term and frees up some cash for a UFA or two, but besides Sundin, who could they sign to fill this massive gap up front? Alfie would be the next on the train out ala Mats because he too would not want to be part of a re-build so late in his career. The smarter move would be Fisher, who plays strong and has a great reputation as a hard worker, but isn't exactly 2nd line centre material.

Regardless, the next two weeks officially kick off summer (ironic that hockey's biggest months are June/July) and I am pretty pumped to begin the speculation about what route Ottawa is going to take when they hoist the cup (I am not saying this coming year is our year, but we really should have that planned).

Oh, and Ellis is never going to sign here -- have you seen how hot the girls who watch Pred games are!?!?!
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