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I think one of the most interesting things to me this year is how much trash people will leave on message boards under various sports site articles. Mostly because their ideas are one-sided and often presented in an abusive matter.

Here it goes:

~ Pens fans...Sidney Crsoby is definately a talented guy, no one will argue you that. The reason no other teams will respect him is because he dives. I mean even the great Peter Forsberg told him that he needed to stop diving because it's embarassing and he said he respected Forsberg until that moment. Sorry Sid. Playing the game of hockey means taking hits. The way he plays the game is just kindof a disgrace sometimes. He has offensive skill and that's about it. It'll be a couple years before he's on par with the hype. Now don't get me wrong, I have some serious alligence to Pittsburgh teams from the time I spent living in the Burgh. I really liked the Pens until I watched them last time they played the Flyers.

Butt-ending a guy in the face with your stick is not a clean hit, as I've seen mentioned on many message boards. If someone had done that to Crosby they'd get suspended for the rest of the season and you would all be whining about it. I really have no respect for a dirty team. How many times has George Laraque injured people the same way the flyers had at the beginning of the season? And was he suspended the last two tiems he did it. NO! and he's a repeat offender. It's no secret that the pens get preferential treatment in the league. You'll find few other teams that would agree with you.

Finally, Malkin is a better player than Crosby hands down. None of you seem to appreciate that while crosby wa sout for a good month and a half, he was carrying your team. Get some perspective.

~ Caps Fans...Band wagon is pretty much all I have to say. Mike Wise must never have been to a game at the Verizon Center before he started bashing Philly fans. You actually booed at Danny Briere for having the most points against you. PATHETIC! Philly boos Ovie for diving like Crosby. There's no love for diving in this town and you shouldn't expect any team to treat you kind in the playoffs.

~Rangers Fans... someone needs to lay Avery out. If there was a bigger liability player in the entire league, i don't know who he is. He doens't have enough points to make him worth his penalty time. He is the most hated player in the league and no one has any respect for him. I never had a problem with the Rangers until he started acting like a bigger idiot than usual toward the end of this season.

~Flyers fans...don't listen to the bull about our team being talentless. True we don't have the 40, 50, 60 goal scorers but we do have balance and no other team has it the way we do. Take it easy on the message boards b/c those people aren't interested in listening to what you have to say. Let the Flyers play prove it all wrong because it will. Enjoy the playoffs after last years downer season.

...this weekend's game was a bit disappointing but we mostly let them dictate the pace for the first two periods. It was interesting though b/c we still almost came back and beat them and they were giving i their all. They're a young team and there's really no reason why they should be so worn out at the end of games. They let us come on too hard.

I'm pretty bummed about the loss of Knuble. Not only was he playing well, but his line worked so well together. It'll work out. Everything will be shifted and it'll work itself out.

Excited for the game tonight. I have a very good feeling about it. Until next time...
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