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One more Sundin Rumor!!!

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Listening to "Leafs Lunch" on AM640 this after noon I heard some interesting things. Mike Seidel of THN and Chief Scout for North American Central Scouting mentioned that a source close to him and he considers very reliable told him that (and im paraphrasing) Sundin really wants to come back to Leafs but he also wanted former Leafs captain Doug Gilmore as an assistant coach to help out in the room with the kids. Now that the Leafs and Doug Wilson have announced the 2 new assistants and Gilmour isn't one of them the rumor is that Sundin is a little disappointed and is now considering what to do next(rumor is now the Leafs are out of the loop because of the Gilmour thing). As announced he will let everyone know by Aug 1st. Personally I still think he will be either be a Leaf or retire. I take Sundin's word...and he said he wants to retire a Leaf.

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