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Where Did We Go Wrong

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The Ottawa Senators showed a different side to their team in most of the regular season and all the playoffs and I can tell you that this side wasn't as great as the 2006-07. So then I look to see what was really different as last years team, first I look at the players and see if any of them have big differences in the stat department. I'll give you some of the players that didn't have the greatest season this year:

Mike Commodore
Year G A Pts +/- PIM
'08 3 11 14 -7 100
'07 7 22 29 0 113

So Big Mike really didn't put up good numbers compared to last season and he's got good defending skills but he barely scored this season and he's turning 30 in November so it may be better to get one of the younger,better-scoring D's to replace Mikey.

Ray Emery
'08 31 12-13-1 3.13 .890 0 712 1689
'07 58 33-16-2 2.47 .918 5 1553 3351

Well according to Brian Murray we probably won't have Ray back but I think that having his 5 shut-outs and his 2.47 GAA on our side helped us out a heck of a lot! ut Ray got very limited games this season as well only with 31 but in the 2006-07 season he played 58 games!

Chris Phillips
Year G A Pts +/- PIM
'08 5 13 18 15 56
'07 8 18 26 36 80

Chris wasn't horrendous it was just that the guy bring real aggressiveness to the team and I mean 56 penalty minutes isn't a wimpy amount but it isn't enough to be such an instigator as Chris was last year. But having a plus 36 rating in 2006-07 and then going down to a +15 does kind of make your fans a little frustrated and annoyed at the same time.
Then I look at which players had injuries because that can always be a huge problem you when you don’t have some of your best players dressed. So here are most of the injuries that happened in the regular season:

Name Date Status
Dean McAmmond 9/30/2007 Concussion (IR)
Matt Carkner 9/30/2007 Hand (IR)
Niko Dimitrakos 9/30/2007 Hip (IR)
Anton Volchenkov 11/29/2007 Broken Finger (IR)
Dany Heatley 1/11/2008 Seperated Right Shoulder (IR)
Cody Bass 1/28/2008 Ankle (IR)
Chris Neil 2/21/2008 Right Knee (IR)

So I tried to get down most of the long term injuries down because it'd have taken me a whole lot longer to jot down every single injury but if any Senator fans remember any other big Sens injuries that are not on here just pop me a pm!
Then I look if any of our bigger offensive guys were traded and two guys really popped out and these two guys are Patrick Eaves and Joe Corvo. I really believed in both of em' and was extrememly sad to see them go becuase Joe is a very leadership-full guy and can really put strangle holds on other teams defenders when he's driving to the net and Patrick doesn't exactly pop out as much as Joe with only acquiring 15 points this season and he really needs to grow into his frame a bit more being 6-0 and only weighing 188 pounds.
I'm just going to post the trades Carolina made:

Carolina-Ottawa Trade

Carolina Acquired:
Joe Corvo
Patrick Eaves

Ottawa Acquired:
Mike Commodore
Cory Stillman

Chicago-Ottawa Trade

Chicago Acquired:
6th Rounder In 2008

Ottawa Acquired:
Martin Lapointe
So I've gone through as much as I can so now I want to hear from you! Yes, all you Ottawa fans I want to know where you think we went wrong, what we should do to fix it and I'm also interested in what you think my next article should be based on!
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