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NHL goes Switzerland

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Yesterday was the game between the New York Rangers and SC Bern. I was there covering the event for a German speaking NHL community. The Rangers played solid and avoided making mistakes. After goals from Dan Girardi and Wade Redden the Rangers took a step back and allowed the Swiss club to take some shots on goalie Stephen Valiquette. After Travis Roche’s goal that cut the Rangers’ lead to 1-2 the Rangers turned up the pressure and scored 6 more goals in the last period which resulted in a 1-8 victory for the NHL team.
All in all it was a good game. The teams didn’t want to hurt each other and you could see that the players had fun playing in this game. The differences between a top Swiss team and an NHL team were obvious. Not only were the players faster and stronger but had also a better puck control and played more precise passes.
Tonight (Wednesday) will be the Victoria Cup between the Rangers and Metallurg Magnitogorsk of Russia. I expect it to be a tighter game than the contest between Bern and the Rangers. Games between Russian and North American teams were always good for some battles and I wouldn’t surprised to see that continue.
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I hope the Rangers continue to show no mercy for the Dairy Queen Softserve teams.
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