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"Still Alive"
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Did you feel it too?
That brief, awkwardly off balance moment. Like taking the extra step in the staircase that isn't there, or lifting the empty milk carton you thought was full.
Filatov! Schenn! Wilson? Filatov!
Wait, what?
Trade again!
Josh Bailey!

What just happened?
I need to lie down.
Someone call Matthew Barnaby and send him down there immediately!
We sent him. He's just lying there. I think he's a dud. Oh - wait...there he goes.


Ok, so now that it's had a few days to sink in, it doesn't seem so bad.
I don't feel the need to hurl a Barnaby grenade at Snow today.
I've been drinking the orange and blue Kool-Aid while wearing my tinfoil helmet and googling previously unknown (to me) draft selections. Life is good. Repeat after me...We're All Islanders...Grit...Character...Heart.

We're all NERVOUS! Grit...Character...Heartburn!

If Snow wore a bowtie and we just came off of a successful season, these moves may have been widely praised by fans and press alike. But he doesn't, we didn't, and yet they're still seems to be a bit of nervous support brewing. Or maybe that's the Kool-Aid.

Time will tell.
In the meantime, there's always Nystrom pounding Milbury to keep us happy until the free agent rollercoaster begins.
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