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Youth Movement

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I go onto hockey boards everywhere, from Canadiens.com, to Hockeysfuture.com (Montreal Canadiens, message board). On each of these sites, and many more their are always wants for big time players, through trades or free agency. Fans want Drury, Briere, Gomez.... These wants are un - realistic, except maybe Briere, but at 6 - 7 million, i don't want him. I've been proposiing for several years, and continuing to propose a youth movement. Gainey, and co have followed this movement to a degree, by drafting very well, but the signing of samsonov is an example of the pressure he felt from the fans. I'm sorry to generalize, but most fans do pressure the Canadiens into major signings, and trades. The recent victory of the Hamilton Bulldogs should be a wake - up call to most fans, that we can build, and be succesfull from within. What I'm hoping for, and begging for is for Gainey to let Souray walk, and try and trade samsonov, and kovalev. I don't want him either to make any major trades, involving large amounts of salary cutting into our cap, or any major free agent signing, unless it's an obvious steal. Wait, for those trades, and signings when Carey Price takes over full time the goaltending reigns, and shows that he is among the elite. Wait, for out young hamiltonians to take over the spots full time of bonk, johnson, kovalev, samsonov.... I will take a few more mediocre years, and wait for a possibly dynasty (not necessary stanley every year, but among the nhl elite). We should build within, because we have the parts. And once we're among the NHL elite, and have salary cap room, because our youngster's won't be to much, than we make a major splash. Through trade, or free agency. Our future looks bright if we follow this path.

Hope you enjoyed
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June 11, 2007 3:21 PM ET | Delete
please leave feedbackfirst post, not great english student lolbut i do know my hockey so i hope you understood, and enjoyed.
August 4, 2007 11:04 AM ET | Delete
i agree with you
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